The phrase ‘Artificial Intelligence’ covers a wide range of technologies; from Alexa, to factory robots, and simpler examples like data analysis. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be described as intelligence demonstrated by machines that, in most applications, perform better, faster and more accurately than humans, helping us to operate more efficiently. The rise of AI within our everyday lives has grown enormously within the 21st century throughout the tech boom, and this growth is now being implemented across different industries. One industry that AI is beginning to emerge into is cryptocurrency.

AI in Crypto 

AI has multiple uses, as the technology behind it continues to grow the crypto sector is embracing AI into its business development processes now more than ever. ETHAX, a newly released crypto token and crypto specialised trading platform, believes that AI is the future of thinking and analysis as it supersedes algorithms and learning. ETHAX is currently developing a tool that integrates the use of AI to aid experienced and inexperienced investors in buying and selling, reinforcing the ETHAX mission to make cryptocurrency inclusive for all.

Although AI is growing, there is still much confusion over the term, especially with many trading software developers claiming the application of this technology. However, when these developers are honest, they’ve achieved just a little more than low-brow basic-level machine learning software. But AI in certain instances is beyond human learning. The technology is able to interpret complex data in seconds and select an outcome, not solely based on a learnt predictive outcome, but rather an intelligent assessment of past, and present information and future projections.

How Can AI Be Used in Crypto?

ETHAX has developed its own use for AI with its much-anticipated ETHAX TRADER tool, expected to launch by Q4 this year. This state-of-the-art software trading platform utilises the most current development techniques and advanced proven trading strategies available, including: data science, proven trading strategies, reinforcement learning and advanced algorithms. These proven techniques will lead to the application of AI being engineered to the software system, in turn creating a highly advanced, ground-breaking product.

Although that may sound slightly complicated, ETHAX has designed its ETHAX trading platform to minimise misinterpretation and capture all global events that take place that could have an effect on the economy. This AI will ensure that whatever circumstances occur globally, investors can trust ETHAX’s trading platform for advice on whether to create a buy, hold or sell scenario for any given currency. This is tantamount to having the best crypto traders working 24/7/365.

The Future of AI

With AI predicted to revolutionise the medical, entertainment, cyber-security transport, and financial industries by 2050, the future of AI is an inevitability. The world will continue to benefit from the use of AI as the technology behind it develops to become more sophisticated, reliable and its potential expands exponentially.

The ETHAX team has been trading crypto since 2015, and this knowledge is now being utilised to build a suite of seamless crypto trading tools led by the flagship ETHAX TRADER. As AI technology develops, so does the ETHAX trading platform, which will learn to perfect its prediction of data as time goes on. It is software systems like the ETHAX TRADER that will spearhead the future of more successful trading processes, expected to improve over time with the application of AI.

If our future depends on the use of AI, isn’t it only right that we invest our time and efforts into better understanding it now?

By Dan Da Rosa Bio: 

Dan Da Rosa BSc (Hons), PG Dip, LLM is the CEO and Co-Founder of ETHAX, a new cryptocurrency business that is fully licensed and regulated to provide key services in the crypto space, which include converting money to crypto currency and vice versa as well as managing clients’ digital private wallets.

Dan Da Rosa holds a Masters in Law and has 20+ years of senior and director level experience across digital asset investments, bespoke software developments, telecommunications and advanced transportation technologies.





Artificial Intelligence: How will it change the face of trading?