ETHAX is virtually the smartest crypto company in the world. Dan Da Rosa highlights how ETHAX is revolutionizing the industry and making crypto inclusive for all.

1. Can you give us a brief of your career before ETHAX?
I qualified with a masters degree in law and have 20+ years of senior and director level experience across multiple companies: digital asset investments, bespoke software developments, telecommunications and advanced transportation technologies. Since 2015 I have been trading in cryptocurrency, primarily setting up a niche digital asset investment group as the precursor to ETHAX.

2. How was the initial phase of setting up ETHAX? What does a regular day at work look like now?
The initial phase of setting up ETHAX was like being on a roller coaster cart without a strap, whilst having to spin a dozen plates on 6 sticks! The vision of ETHAX is both simple and highly complex. In simplistic terms, ETHAX is a suite of gold-standard products created for a seamless journey through all aspects of crypto. The complexity comes from creating the brand to include numerous factors: a licensed and regulated business, developing machine learning and AI aspects, security, team engagement, and diligently steering through the myriad of meteor showers coming at us. I had to smile when I saw the question including the term ‘regular day’. One of the great things about this project is the scale and variety of jobs to perform. We structure the company into different strategic visions: technology, creative concepts, creative implementation, marketing, social media, administration, licensing, diligence, exchange listings and product testing. Each day could be focused on one or several of these aspects. Fortunately ETHAX has a stellar team who collectively specialise in all these skills. To summarise there is no regular day in the world of the ETHAX CEO!

3. Can you elaborate on the mission of your brand?
ETHAX is virtually the smartest crypto company in the world. Our goal is to revolutionise the industry and make crypto inclusive for all, by encouraging inexperienced cryptocurrency investors to enter the field whilst providing a trustworthy platform that serves equal value to established and novice traders. Simultaneously, ETHAX is aiming to change decentralised finance, cryptocurrency and the blockchain space for the better, championing regulation throughout the crypto space and restoring trust into the industry as a whole.

4. Can you tell us about the products and services that ETHAX offers? And what makes your offerings unique compared to the competitors?

Ezy Buy, Ezy Sell
Investment Fund
Risk Management
Fund management

All of our products and services are designed for easy use to provide investors with a smooth experience that enables them to become a part of the ETHAX brand. What makes ETHAX unique and stand out from its competitors is that it is one of the few crypto businesses that is licensed to convert fiat money (GBP, $, Euro) to cryptocurrency, as well as the reverse – cryptocurrency to fiat. This is a key step in the cryptocurrency process, through which traditional, government-backed money and the crypto world are linked. In a landscape of so many big-talking “crypto rogues,” our company stands out from the competition as a trustworthy institution making it safer for investors to buy and sell crypto. ETHAX has been established as a long-term crypto business to counter all the aforementioned undesirable issues.

5. What makes ETHAX virtually the smartest crypto company in the world?
ETHAX is forward thinking. Unlike other cryptocurrency brands, ETHAX isn’t focused solely on people’s money, it was created in order to help people with their investments and make the process of investing in crypto easier than it currently is. As we are one of the only limited number of licensed and regulated cryptocurrencies in the market, we pride ourselves on ensuring that your cryptocurrency assets are trusted with ETHAX. Our services and products are designed to be the safest and most reliable within the industry. We are also developing the ETHAX Trader, a machine learning and AI software that can help develop users’ digital asset trading portfolios to ensure safety when investing in crypto.

6. How do you think regulation can benefit crypto investment?
As of March 2022, there were over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in total. Surprisingly, only 0.01% of those currency projects are licensed and regulated. With numbers like these, regulation can certainly help to change people’s perceptions of crypto, by helping to prevent scams and promote a healthier environment for newcomers to enter the crypto space. Regulation will help to reduce the risk of people losing their cryptocurrency assets, as they will know which cryptocurrencies can be trusted and which ones can’t. Although regulation doesn’t guarantee making a profit on one’s portfolio, it should prevent pump and dump schemes and outright frauds. For example, the people that conceive and run these nefarious schemes would find it more difficult if they had to go through the rigorous process of getting licensed and regulated, and have their business and personal details registered with the licensing authorities. More self-regulation throughout the crypto space could lead to the government taking crypto seriously and putting the actions in place to make certain cryptocurrencies a recognised and regulated currency.

7. Can you elaborate on how investors can gain from your liquidity pool?
By purchasing ETHAX Tokens and Staking them in the ETHAX Staking Pool our clients can gain 29.2% APY rewards in additional ETHAX Tokens. Participation in the ETHAX Staking Pool is free and open to anyone that manages their own digital assets from their own wallet such as Metamask, Trust wallet or the ETHAX Wallet. The ETHAX Staking pool is managed by a smart contract which has been independently audited and verified. This means that participants who stake ETHAX Tokens in the staking pool are the only individuals that can remove the stake and rewards from the pool. We also have a private client group whose digital assets we are licensed to manage and these clients also benefit from the ETHAX Staking pool.

8. How is machine learning in trading different? It would be great to get insights on this as ETHAX has designed and is in the process of developing the world’s first Machine Learning digital asset trading platform.
The ETHAX TRADER will be a state-of-the-art software platform for trading cryptocurrency. It utilises the most current development techniques available blending big data, data science, proven trading strategies, reinforcement learning and advanced algorithms; this will lead to the application of artificial intelligence (AI) being engineered and applied to the software system, in turn creating a highly advanced, ground-breaking product. This advanced application of AI takes place once sufficient data has been analysed by the machine learning software. The ETHAX TRADER is designed for big data whereby it captures a large amount of data and has the ability to distil the data into manageable and useful insights that contribute towards the decision making of the system. ETHAX’s machine learning software learns which circumstances affect certain financial factors, resulting in the ETHAX Trader tool being able to determine whether such factors create a buy, hodl (hold) or sell scenario for any given cryptocurrency.

9. How do you think technology is changing the financial landscape? What are some big technological shifts/trends you expect to take place in the next 5-10 years?

Technology in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain space has already created new financial opportunities such as decentralised finance (DeFi) and centralised finance (CeFi). These are still in its infancy and will continue to evolve. I expect that over time this will spawn new opportunities similar to ETHAX TRADER, which offers users another way to participate in cryptocurrency and manage more of their own digital assets. Furthermore, I believe that as the technology develops, AI is only going to continue to grow. These developments within AI and machine learning will definitely encourage people to experiment with this technology more, certainly within the crypto space, which is why we are proud to be one of the first trading platforms to be using this technology. No matter the technological shifts within the finance industry, ETHAX will continue to lead development of products that make crypto inclusive for all. Within the next 5+ years we will see a continual expansion of metaverses and augmented reality, as well as differing use case applications within them. This will lead to further integration of these multiverses, similar to a galaxy full of metaverses connected together. ETHAX is already positioning itself expertly to operate within this space.

10. What are your plans for expansion and growth? Top priorities for 2022?
ETHAX’s top priority for 2022 is certainly to continue growing a loyal and engaged ETHAX community, in order to educate the investment community on how to invest in crypto properly and safely through ETHAX and become the leading experts within the crypto industry. As we add ETHAX to further exchange listings, we have high hopes to make ETHAX become a household name within the crypto industry. Furthermore, with the release of ETHAX’s new products this year, our aim is to encourage investors to rely on ETHAX services to ensure that they have a positive trading experience. We also plan to expand and grow the brand to have an international presence.

11. What is the biggest piece of advice you would want to give to company leaders?
Do not look at crypto as an underworld movement; crypto is the evolution of finance. The luddite movement failed, so embrace what you fear. Crypto is the future, it is crucial that it does not get left behind.

12. Where do your passions lie? What do you think defines you as a person?
I am a passionate believer that digital currencies are our future, and can be sound, profitable investments if using an informed approach and the right technology. My biggest passion lies in making ETHAX a legacy business. Anything I’m involved with must be driven through integrity and a desire to solve complex problems; our ETHAX team helps to make this possible and I am very grateful for them.